Training Program for Royal Enfield Motorcycle Riders

Bike riding is fun, but accident happens. The safest way to use the bike is for transportation purpose, and not for play. Every year, most of the youngsters go to the emergency department because of the bike injuries. Some of the injuries are severe that people usually die from head injuries. The injury means the brain injury. That’s why it is important to wear the bike helmet. It provides protection to your face, head, and brain in case any accident occurs.

For driving safe, a motorcycle can be divided into 6 categories:

1-Pre ride check: Before going on a ride, it is better to check that everything is working properly. Check the condition of your tires as without them you aren’t going anywhere.

2-Fluids: The fuel tanks for Royal Enfield or any other bike is at the proper level. It would be difficult for you if the bike will stop anywhere in between so keep a check on the fuel tanks.

3-Riding Dress: Well designed rider clothing keeps you protected from sunburn, windburn, and is the first line of defense. Some riders wear a jacket, but you can complete the outfit with pants. If you choose leather, make sure it is suitable for the vehicle use. Whatever you wear, make sure it is protective. Built on armor or strapped on armor under the clothing is highly recommended.

4-Sitting Posture: Eyes should be in the direction you are moving, keeping a wider view of the road. Relax your shoulders. Elbows are bending slightly and relaxed. Hips are sitting in a position where you can easily operate and handle brakes. Knees close to the fuel tank to maintain the balance of the bike.

5-Braking: The front brakes are the most efficient, giving 60 and 80 percent of the bike stopping power in hard storage, depending on the surface conditions. It is because most of the weight forward onto the front wheel when you apply the brakes.

6-Gradient Operation: Computational analysis is performed to assess the performance of models for flow quantities in the air gap of the motorcycle. Buy industrial tools and hardware for the best performance of any bike to transform.

Refine your skills and sharpen your focus. It is critical to keep a check at these points before going on a ride anywhere. If going without it, then you might get into a difficult situation. Stay safe.


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